Are you using your accounting software to its full capacity? Are you not sure how to do something in your accounting software? Are you getting the information out of your accounting software that you want and need?

Whether you are looking to improve how you use your existing accounting software, or are looking for a new accounting software package, Accounting By Design Consulting can assist you with a solution that works for you and your business.

Software Training

Accounting By Design Consulting will work with you one on one (or in small groups) with your data and your accounting software to ensure that you know how to use your software to its full capacity. We will train you only on the features that your business uses, and we will ensure that you understand the software in relation to your business. By using your data to train with, we are ensuring that the training is specific to your business, and no other.

Software Analysis and Review

If you are looking for new accounting software, or even want to ensure that you have the correct software for your business, Accounting By Design Consulting will work with you to complete a needs analysis. A needs analysis can be as simple as talking about what your business needs to get out of your accounting data and ensuring that information can be pulled from your current software, to looking into new accounting software and digging deep into the features that software offers. We can tweak your current software to assist with getting the correct information, or help you make that purchase of new software and help you make sure it’s setup the best way for you.

Software Supported

Accounting By Design Consulting supports many accounting software packages, including Sage 50, QuickBooks, Wave Accounting, Fresh Books, and TelPay. This ensures we can make sure you’re using the best software for your business.

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