Whether you need a complete bookkeeping solution where you don’t have to worry about any data entry, to a regular review of your records, Accounting By Design Consulting has a solution for you.

Daily Bookkeeping

Making sure your accounting records are up to date is important. Accounting By Design Consulting will work with you to find the best solution for you. We provide solutions that work with you, from our professionals entering all daily books, to finding a simple solution for you to enter daily transactions that we will then review on a regular basis for accuracy.

Month End Preparation

Having your month ends complete for income tax time is key to saving money at year end. Accounting By Design Consulting will ensure that all month end transactions are completed in a timely manner. This also ensures that you have accurate and timely information for your review. We ensure that all banks, credit cards, and merchant accounts are reconciled on a monthly basis, and that all entries that need to be completed are entered.


Do you have staff and you need a simple solution for paying them? Accounting By Design Consulting can prepare your payroll for you, ensuring your employees are paid on time and correctly, and that all deductions and remittances to CRA and other providers (for example group benefits) are also paid on time and correctly. At year end, T4s will be prepared for your employees, and ROEs can be prepared at any time.

Do you prepare your own payroll but need a solution to ensure your T4s are accurate and done in a timely manner? Accounting By Design Consulting will take your payroll data and prepare T4s for all employees.

Financial Statement Explanation

For every client, Accounting By Design Consulting ensures that you understand what your financial statements mean for you and your business. These are important tools, but not everyone understands them and how they apply to you. We will ensure that you can read your financial statements and that they make sense to you, and how you can apply them to grow your business and make sound business decisions.

Year End Preparation

For all our clients, we work with your income tax accountant to ensure that they are getting the information they need, and in a format they want, so that getting your income tax prepared is as painless and quick as possible. This can also mean a cost savings at year end!

Government Remittance Submission

Are you always forgetting when you need to submit your remittances for CRA and Manitoba Taxation? When you work with Accounting By Design Consulting we ensure that your remittances are done on time, and accurately. We will remind you when the payments need to be paid, and work with you to ensure that all data is entered and reports are ready in plenty of time to meet the deadline.

Personal Tax Returns

Are you looking for a trusted adviser to assist you with preparing your tax return? Download the Preparing For Your Taxes checklist to assist you with gathering all required information and documentation.


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